What If I Have to Sign a Contract during Mercury Retrograde

About three times a year, we live together a few chaotic weeks known as mercury retrograde periods – you`ve probably heard of them, or at least experienced some of their headache-inducing effects. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, and when it`s retrograde (meaning it seems to temporarily recede into the sky), it can cause misunderstandings, technological problems, anxiety, and travel problems, among other things — so, you know, all these really fun things. Each retrograde Mercury manifests a little differently depending on the zodiac sign it falls into, making some periods a little less intense than others – but that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t take precautions. There are things you should and shouldn`t do during Mercury`s retrograde to make sure you stay as cosmically “safe” and drama-free as possible. April 12 – April 6. May begins in the Earth sign Taurus, ends in the fire sign Aries Astrology pays attention to much more than just when Mercury is retrograde or direct, but Mercury retrograde must be taken into account. For the really important things, contact a professional astrologer to explain all the planetary configurations that apply specifically to you. I include retrograde periods of mercury when I talk to people about their annual forecasts. Sometimes, in these moments, things arise that we have lost or that come from the past! It can be an old book, a piece of jewelry or another possession. Clean your closets and watch how you find treasures from the past. December 5 – December 25. December begins in the Earth sign Capricorn, ends in the fire sign Sagittarius “We may experience technical or mechanical problems, and our sons may feel crossed in all our forms of communication,” says Ellen Bowles, astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS.

“Planetary regressions are moments of pause and collective reflection. When Mercury retrograde occurs, we are asked to slow down and check the details. “This impulse to comb through all the details goes beyond the regression period of three to four weeks. Mercury`s shadow period, also known as “retrohuss,” occurs for a week or two before and after the regression itself, and the same rules for what not to do during Mercury`s retrograde also apply during this period. This is the perfect time to take a picture of your ID card, social security card, passport, legal contracts – everything that is very important to you – in case you lose them in the future. You will be happy to have proof in the files! If you need immediate and emergency surgery, take care of your health and do what you need to do. However, if you have elective surgery (and Mercury rule surgeries), it may actually not work or cause errors on all levels. Be sure to avoid this time. August 4 – August 28 in the earth sign and ends in the fire sign Leo See above, December 29, 2022 – January 18, 2023 – goes directly into the Earth sign Capricorn Of course, strange things could happen during this time. “The real purpose of a period of decline is to make us slow down, rethink what we`ve done, rethink old ideas, and reconnect with ourselves and others,” she says.

“It`s a pause, not a curse.” In general, Mercury retrograde tends to cause problems in all types of communication or technology. Mercury governs the mind, business and communication of all kinds. It`s important not to sign papers, make deals, or start new relationships (in business or love), because if you do, when Mercury returns to normal orbit, it will become clear that no matter what basis the agreement was made on, it wasn`t what you (or the other person) thought. For example, I have already started a job that I thought was a big step for me and that would give me huge opportunities and strengthen my finances. I took the job during Mercury Retrograde. I then started, and it was immediately clear that it was a hell of a job! Unfortunately, I was trapped in the work for months and everything I had initially hoped for from this work fell through. Another example would be that I once met someone with whom I immediately had a romantic relationship – we even talked about being soulmates, and everything was completely synchronized. How on earth did I find true love out of the blue and so pure? We had met during Mercury Retrograde and started dating in a swirling romance. However, when the regression ended, it became clear that we were not on the same side – we wanted other things and could not agree. These are two horror stories that I hope will prevent you from making the same mistakes I did. July 7-31, 2019 begins in the sign of the late Leo, ends in the filigree Cancer December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 in the fire sign Sagittarius “Some people are more sensitive to Mercury retrograde than others,” says Mary Dunne, real estate agent at Warburg Realty in New York. “In many cases, I believe that a mercury retrograde can cause complications or delay certain aspects of the process and generally emphasize the need to read the fine print.” It`s a terrible time to throw or throw something important.

Especially projects related to communication. Don`t run an advertising campaign, start a new job, file taxes, file lawsuits, or sign a lease. Of course, if you have to, go ahead, but realize that the deal will change and get involved a little later. “It`s not recommended to start something new in a period of decline, but life goes on and you won`t die if you do,” Wright says. “Just check everything and stay out of panic mode.” It could also explain why the grocery store was running out of almost everything on my list — and that after what a quick oil change should have become half a day of expensive auto repairs. Mercury drops are known to ruin travel, transportation, and timing, so you can get lost if you least expect it, run into traffic jams everywhere, or accidentally confuse the time or location of a set plan. The lesson? Expect the unexpected when it comes to moving around and making plans, and leave some leeway around all your appointments if you can. From October 31 to November 20, 2019 in the Scorpio Watermark However, Mercury retrograde is not really the best time to make big financial decisions, investments or purchases, especially if you buy electronics, technology or travel tickets. Since logical issues are turned upside down during these times, it is likely that we will overlook some important details or find that we regret our decision after backtracking. That said, Mercury retrograde is not that bad. Despite its rough reputation, it actually offers benefits and can be used as an opportunity to reflect on the moments of pause that inspire it.

As astrologer Susan Miller once told Well + Good, Mercury`s retrograde periods welcome an opportunity to slow down, remember, and reconnect. So don`t worry about a retrograde Mercury, but plan for it. And remember that I`ve had a lot of difficult trips under a retrograde Mercury, but I`ve always been happy to have made these trips. And when my husband and I went to Egypt, it took us three exhausting and frustrating days to get back from Aswan, Egypt, to Topeka, Kansas. And Mercury was in direct motion, not retrograde. Bowles says Mercury regressions are great for self-reflection, but returning to past situations or karmic partners may not be the way to get the healing you desire. “Instead, journal or express your relationship thoughts with a trusted friend,” Bowles says. “Think about why these old compounds are being processed now. What else do you have to learn from them? September 9 – October 2 begins in the air sign Libra, ends in the Earth sign Virgo January 14 – February 3 begins in the air sign Aquarius, ends in the earth sign Capricorn But let`s go back a second: Several times a year, the planet Mercury is supposed to retrograde – which means it moves in the opposite direction to Earth.

(“This backward movement is actually an illusion, similar to the one you feel when you`re in a car on the highway that moves faster than a train next to you,” according to Mother Nature Network.) You have a rare window of opportunity where you can actually revive a relationship from the past to bring it back to life. You will be able to pick up the coins, make the necessary changes to the connection and take a new path together. When you return to a lover`s house, don`t officially go there until the regression itself is over to make sure your commitment and “agreement” are on stable ground. This also applies to weddings. A marriage is also a legal contract. You can hold a ceremony during the regression, but be sure to sign the contract on a different date (previous or later). Hiccups happen in life! Mercury retrograde is actually a blessing in secret because it means we can step back and look at the world around us and evaluate our strategy. If we always rush forward, we can sometimes overlook the important details. It is important to balance our minds and watch new information from regression reveal itself that we can then integrate into our lives. You are not cursed by the universe! You are indeed blessed. Astrologers differ in their beliefs about shadow periods, but I think shadow periods are not as strong as actual retrograde periods.